Toll Brothers, Inc

Hardscape Installer: Pickering Valley Landscape Inc.
Location: Marple Twp, Delaware County, PA
Owner: Toll Brothers Inc.

A triple play in baseball is getting three outs in one continuous play. A hat trick in hockey is when an individual scores three goals in one game. Here at Pickering we are best known for our retaining wall, landscape, and paver work.

We tell all our potential customers at bid stage that we are happy with what they give us. We know what our capabilities are and it’s always nice to feel appreciated when we get all three contracts.

– Andre de Carville, VP

A recent example of this is our work at the Toll Brothers Ravens Cliff at Media Project. First, our wall crews installed over 30,000SF of block and natural stone retaining walls. Then our landscape crews lined the streets with trees and have been doing lot by lot plantings as homes close out. More recently, our paver crews have been laying what will eventually be 80,000SF of Permeable Interlocking Pavers in the driveways and alleys throughout the project.

Unique to this project were the natural stone walls and permeable pavers. First were the stone walls, used to face earthen dams creating detention basins on some very challenging grades. Over 4000 Ton of Stone and 800 CY of grout and pre-blended mortar mix was used, much of which was placed manually. Drive 10 minutes north of the project on Route 252 and see how closely the walls are reminiscent of the Springton Lake Dam and spillway built in the 1930s. Then the permeable pavers, the first such wide spread use of a PICP system in the region. The pavers are palletized during the manufacturing process with a preset herringbone pattern to allow for machine laying in 9SF panels. As a row of townhomes reach completion the temporarily stoned alley is cut to subgrade before an 8oz non woven fabric is rolled out and 3 layers of clean stone in varying sizes is placed before the pavers are laid and joints are filled and swept. All this occurs in about a one week period based on the date of the first townhome closing on the street

Company owned equipment including trackhoes, loaders, rollers, skid loaders, and dump trucks were used as well as specialty equipment such as low ground pressure Marooka track dump and a Kubota 55 excavator with a Probst paver machine laying head. Project started in Summer of 2014 with an expected phased completion in 2018.